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Increase profitability

Trava can monitor your bookings for airfare drops and claim them automatically to maximize your profits while keeping the original booking details intact

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An optimization image for travel agencies. A dark-themed line graph representing the optimization of a process, likely related to booking or post-booking tickets to save money. The graph has multiple peaks and valleys. Key points are highlighted with markers and annotations. The first marker on the left is labeled "Ticket booked." Further along the graph, there are markers indicating "Re-book" actions. Each post-booking marker has an associated notification indicating the amount of money saved: one with "Saved 80$!" and another with "Saved 120$!". The graph visually demonstrates the cost-saving benefits of re-booking at optimal times.

Why optimization matters

Optimization helps you maximize the impact of your bookings by automating fare processing and monitoring every step of the booking journey. This allows you to have full control from the moment a booking is made all the way through its completion, cancellation, refund, or any other changes.

Revolutionize your operations

Fare optimizer

Leverage airlines' pricing and availability data by automatically reviewing current bookings for chances to rebook. Fare optimizer thoroughly considers rules and penalties while maintaining the key attributes of the original bookings.

Illustration of unused tickets with a refund process. The image features a set of airline tickets on the left, symbolizing unused travel bookings. An arrow points from the tickets to a wallet on the right, representing the concept of obtaining refunds or monetary compensation for the unused tickets. This visual conveys how companies can recover funds from unutilized travel bookings.
Unused tickets

Trava can monitor all tickets to help you find unused ones. Thus, you can receive a refund, whether in full or partially.

Trava technology gives you the autonomy to be a creator independently, to solve your own problems, and the possibilities are endless

Krystyna Dahms,

Director of Ticketing, Product & Automation at Hopper

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Trava provides powerful automation solutions that help improve our profitability and meet crucial deadlines from airlines automatically

Kaj Sätermo,

Product Owner at Travel Design

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Does Trava work with all GDS?

Trava connects to Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport - and Trava processes that are built for one GDS will also work for other GDS - Trava will do the required “translation” in the background.

Does Trava facilitate NDC bookings?

Navigating the world of NDC can be complex as each airline operates differently. Trava is working on automating post-booking processes for NDC, but this requires implementation on an airline-by-airline basis. Currently, we are at the early stages of this journey, having established a direct connection with features for American Airlines and begun similar processes with Lufthansa and United Airlines. Additionally, we are initiating efforts to automate NDC procedures through GDS. Due to the lack of standardization, our focus will be on prioritizing airlines based on our customer partnerships.

Do customers have to apply both automation and fare optimization services?

No, there is no such requirement to apply both services. Our customers are empowered to tailor their experience by selecting the services that best suit their needs.

How does Trava maintain data security and privacy?

We take great care to safeguard your information in accordance with the highest industry standards, including adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).